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춘해보건대학교 교사시설



위  치


상  태


규  모




울산광역시 울주군

대학교, 공연장




Our proposal put a spatial value as compressing the given complex programs into two volumes and distancing them with the inbetween corridor. The courtyard functions for rests, devotion for studies, and communication with the local neighborhood.


The art hall and school house sit on an artificial plinth side by side and symbolize the central and hierarchical axis of the campus which starting from the southward headquarter building.  The plinth contains the college library for students on one side and the lifetime study facility for public on the other and opens to everyone. The two volumes on the public plinth will express the willingness and symbolism of the college in their motto, ‘Make World with truth.’


Architect of Record : Ilshin Architects and Associates, Ltd

At the cafeteria of auditorium, students look through the courtyard.

The conference hall share the geometry for the seating with the external steps and planters.

The auditorium building illuminates with the full-height glazing at night time.

The library area is open to the public to welcome everyone including the local community.

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