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Restructuring Memorable Landscape

Seoul Creative Play Supporting Facility, 2017


Location    Seongbukgu, Seoul, Korea

Typology   Play Theater

Status        Competition Proposal

Client        Seoul Metropolitan Office

Size       8,325m²



Our proposal focuses on constructing mutual relationships between civic-scapes that are organized by spatial and topographical entities and the program of the new theater facility as an architecturalized spaces. The lobby area inherits the publicity of the current bus stop and street park where lots of activities and events happen. Stonery retaining walls and the slope to the upper pocket park, along with the southern edge of the site, are replaced with color concrete walls and a ramp to the outdoor stage. The concrete wall is continuously connected from the preexisting stonery retaining walls from the further backside of the site as an integrated topographical extension. It eventually intends that architecture is naturally harmonized with the surrounding contexts as a series of preexisting landscapes are accumulated and remembered into the architectural devices having the same topological relationships.

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