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안데르센 기념관



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덴마크 오덴세



With its geographical significance as Hans Christian Andersen’s birthplace, the proposal for the new House of Fairytales commands a unique eccentricity that expresses his fantastical imagination. Based on personal experiences, his fairytales are written as plausible realities. This proposal aims to orchestrate an anomalous building composition projecting into the historic urban fabric. Due to the complexity of contextual site relationships, we accommodated a manifold of constraints at different levels such as provision of open space at the urban scale, an annex for preserved artifacts, and to become a catalyst for future development. Connectivity between new and preserved buildings to the garden, “Lotzes Have”, are determined by placing a centripetal node at the center of the site acting as a magnet for civic life. Afterwards, a series of curves converges inward and extends outwards defining interior and exterior relationships at the perimeter, while a 
morphed topography designates a multitude of urban uses. The building form then dematerializes with a transparent glass façade distorting perceptual boundaries between internal exhibition experiences and external urban realities.

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