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Haeundae Library


Location    Haeundae, Busan, Korea

Typology   Public Library

Status        Competition (2nd Prize)

Client        Haeundae District Office

Size       3,000m²

Partner      Zitta Architects, Busan

This project sits on a very unique site in-between the southward preserved mountain area and the northward urban fabric. Passing through the three schools in front of the site, the library welcomes  visitors with the widely opened beautiful green panorama toward the Jangsan Mountain on the south. 

The building simply has two sides; a curved south and a flat north. Celebrating the panorama and the gentle daylight all day long, the curved facade penetrates the given nature into the building, whereas the flat facade functions the vertical circulation and counteracts on the unbanity.

At the rooftop, the library expects a small and various events, and even an observing deck with the amphitheater. This is a connecting idea with which the entire building also tries to communicate with the green context.

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