Complementary Linearity

Seoul Craft Museum


Location    Jongrogu, Seoul, Korea

Typology   Metropolitan Museum (Remodeling)

Status        Competition (4th Prize)

Client        Seoul Metropolitan Office

Size       10,500m²

 The proposal conceived a complementary relationship between the spatial linearity of the original building complex (formerly "Poongmoon Women's High School") and the urban scaled contextual linearity of the pedestrian passage from "Bookchon" to "Insadong" (old town Seoul). Based on the remodeling of the school complex, we focused on the visitors' consecutive spatial experience on the interior circulation which necessarily occurs when the former spatial organization of "aisle+classrooms" transforms into one for exhibition spaces. Connecting the five separate buildings into one single circulation, visitors entirely experience the interior space simultaneously with the exhibition materials. Adding some architectural devices which conduct the gentle skylight and create the visual contacts, the visitors--who mainly approach by walk, can extend their sensual impression given from the streets of the peaceful old town into the museum inside.

Preexisting Poongmoon Women's Highschool

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