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Vertical Community

50+Campus for Senior Venture


Location    Gwangjingu, Seoul, Korea

Typology   Senior Venture Support Facility and Senior Care Center

Status        Competition Entry

Client        Seoul Metropolitan Office

Size       8,500m²

Our proposal aims to form a mutual community for interactions among generations and classes as transplanting a vertically expanded urban fabric into the interior space. Instead of directly revealing the juxtaposed program between 50+ Campus for senior venture and Senior Care Center with two separate building masses, we pursued a way how they two coexist in a stacked spatial organization. The complex program was rearranged for the public priority, then emphasized the accessibility at the lower levels. Simultaneously it intends to extend the publicity through the spiral open space which rolls up the entire building. In so doing, we expected to create an interactive realm among the visitors which works for the original functions of the building; senior venture and life-long education.

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