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Location    Youngdengpogu, Seoul, Korea

Typology   Ferry Terminal

Status        Competition Entry

Client        Seoul Metropolitan Office

Size       2,100m²

Our proposal aims at creating an impressive riverscape that the unique identity of the ferry terminal--as a floating object, harmonize with the Hangang Park. Regarding the cultural complex plan with the Yeoui-Maru and the Yeouijeong around the neighbor area, we conceived a projected form towards the river from the Yeouinaru-ro Ave. that indicates a clearly elongated directness of the urban grid pattern. The layout of the terminal has a clear relationship with the grid pattern rather than being located separately from it. This dynamic object that landed on water shines brightly with the dispersed twinkles from the water surface as well as condensing this monumental moment for the departure to the future.


The facade design minimized the tectonic variation in order to optimize the restricted budget. The conical glazing is subdivided into a series of identical parts which enable the repetitive substructure to be commonly used. As the curved surface has no interim supports but the roof joints, the interior space maximizes a sense of verticality that brings a rich panorama of Han-gang river and makes a dramatic sublime possible. This simple but emphatically bent facade will look like a soft silhouette reacting on the seasonal and climate changes as being overlapped with the inside solid core. Two balconies hung on the core and the observation deck on the roof will provide the panoramic view and become a public place to be shared for everyone. 

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